Friday, March 16, 2018

Week 32- "newness is the way of the lord" (6/5/17)

Hey yall! This week has been crazy and it's about to get crazier. Our
basement flooded again this weekend and also Our area is getting
whitewashed (we are both leaving). Our mission president whitewashed
like half the areas this transfer just because he likes to do that a
lot. He says newness is the way of the Lord. So there's that. But I'll
be going to millrace in Taylorsville and warden is going to magna, my
greenie área. Don't have too much time to write anything else but
here's some pics. Love y'all!

saying goodbye to Maritza and Abraham

Saying goodbye to Angelo and fam

went and did baptisms for the dead w Maritza and Abraham on Friday😭😇💖

Classic warden y anderson selfie

Last district meeting


Saying goodbye to Sonia one of our favs

Week 31- "espero que comes hormigas y pican aquí" (5/29/17)

Hola familiares y amigos! Está semana pasada estaba tan buena. Me
encanta esta área mucho y estoy tan agradecida que yo tengo la
oportunidad servir aquí.

We've had some pretty funny things happen this week along with some
awesome miracles. The beginning of this week, there was a mouse stuck
in our window well and it was like making these loud squeaky noises
and being super annoying. So we decided that we were done and went
outside with buckets and shovels and bread in attempt to try to get it
out of there. It took us like a solid hour. In the mean time I stepped
in an ant pile and freaked out and fell over this pot right behind me.
Warden said it looked like it could have been on americas funniest
home videos hahaha. But eventually we got the mouse out using a
bucket, a shovel to block it from running, and a piece of bread! Then
later that night we helped out at the English class and opened up the
nursery for the kids who's parents were in the class. One of the kids
was destroying someone else's lego tower and warden told him he had to
say sorry. He then proceeded to get super angry and scream and cry.
She kept telling him that he needed to go say sorry bc it wasn't nice
and he finally said to her with all of the anger in his body " espero
que comes hormigas y te pican aquí! (Violently pointing to his neck)"
hahaha it was probably the funniest thing ever. He told her that he
hopes she eats ants and they bite her throat. So that's been our
little inside joke for the past couple days hahaha.

But right after the English class, we were gonna head home bc it was
getting kinda late. But then we were walking and just talking about
the really good arepas we had for dinner, and warden was like let's go
stop by and see if natalie is home. Earlier we had an awesome miracle
of finally finding natalie after like a month. She was a self referral
because of some cool stuff in her life and she wanted to learn more
about the church and get baptized. But unfortunately her life is crazy
and she had court on may 9th and would possibly get deported and her
husbands job just moved him to Milwaukee for his job, and she had 3
kids and also had school full time and worked full time. We had been
praying for her every day, multiple times a day that she would be able
to stay in the country if it was gods will, and also that her husband
would be able to get moved back to salt lake or find a different job
here so they could be together as a family when we teach them. So we
haven't been able to be in contact with her and we were kinda
frustrated that we could never find her. So when we got to her house
her car wasn't in her driveway. So we called her, just like all of the
20 times before, and as we were leaving her a message they pulled in
the driveway! So cool! So we ran up to them super excited and they
were excited too. Apparently their phone has been broken and they
haven't been able to contact anyone for a while now. But we found out
that in Natalie's court, all went well and she is now able to apply
for citizenship which is HUGE! So many people are dealing with
immigration problems right now. And even people that have lived her
for like over 20 years are getting deported. A little sad. So she's
super happy bc she's from Venezuela and it's so bad there right now so
she absolutely didn't wanna go back. Then also we found out that her
husband, David, was able to get moved back to salt lake and he is
working here now and it's better than ever! Ahhhh! God is so cool
y'all. He truly hears us and answers our prayers. It may not be
immediately but in his own time he surely does. We were able to set an
appointment with them for a few days after but sadly they weren't
there when we went by. So we left some sticky notes and hopefully we
will find them again this week. But we're super happy that they are
all good and nothing happened to them! They're so good and the lord
truly has been preparing them to hear the gospel.

Then on Sunday for sacrament meeting, we have been planning to have a
sacrament about obra misional. So all of the ward missionaries and us
would give talks/bare our testimonies about the gospel. So me and
warden, 2 other hermanas, and Maritza y Abraham gave our testimonies.
And ahhhh the spirit was so strong in that room. This is probably the
most powerful sacrament meeting I've ever been in. The ward
missionaries shared their conversion stories and how the gospel has
changed their life and Maritza specifically talked about how she was
so excited to be able to be with her family forever and how they are
really excited to go to the temple next year. Then Hno Arango, our
gospel principles teacher/ward missionary gave an AWESOME talk and
pumped everyone up for doing missionary work. It was seriously the
perfect sacrament meeting. We had some new people at church and we
hope that it helped them feel the spirit and that it confirmed some
things for them. Then afterwards we had some dinner and had carne
asada tacos with some of the best frijoles I've her had. Seriously so
good. And their 2 boys reminded me of my brother Cody so it was a fun

Overall this week was great. Realmente estoy tan agradecida que estoy
sirviendo una mission. Yo he visto la mano de Dios tantas veces y el
señor está bendiciendo la gente mucho. Obra misional es el mejora! Les
invito a orar sobre las personas en sus vidas y cómo pueden compartir
el evangelio con ellos. El evangelio es para todos y es un gran

^^i invite y'all to pray about the people in yalls lives and how you
can share the gospel for the. Because really it's for everyone and
it's a huge blessing. Missionary work is the best and the joy that
comes from sharing the gospel is incomparable with anything else.

Have a great week! Love y'all!

Hna anderson

Week 30- when it snows in the middle of may (5/22/17)

That's right everyone, it snowed on Wednesday. Literally how does that
happen!? Idk. Literally Utah weather is the craziest thing I've ever

Anyway this week was another great one for the books. We found a bunch
of new people to teach last week and also this week so we're pumped
about it. We've made it a goal to talk to everyone and it's working
out so well. You never know whose looking for the gospel! We found
this lady and taught her the restoration outside on her doorstep last
week and had set up another appointment to come back by the following
Tuesday. I honestly wasn't expecting her to be there because she
wasn't really paying too much attention and she kept saying she was
catholic over and over. But Tuesday morning when we showed up she was
there and ready for us! So awesome! And we taught her the plan of
salvation and she really liked it. She's this cute older lady named
Alicia. So we will see what happens!

Also about 2 weeks ago when we were on exchanges, we had an
appointment with this girl Gabriela that we have been teaching. We've
never met her husband because he's always working but he was there
that day and had quit his job like minutes before we came. We had a
suupppeeerrr bomb lesson with them and the husband really wanted to
start going to church. So that Sunday went by and he didn't come and
he didn't reply to any of our texts. Gabriela even wasn't home this
past week when we had our lesson scheduled. But this Sunday,
apparently he had gone over to the next door neighbors sad asked them
for help and said that he really wanted to go to church with them
because he knew they were members. So right as church is starting, him
and his 2 older kids walk into sacrament meeting along with la familia
Zárate! Woooo! We totally weren't expecting it so that was super
great. And in gospel principles we have this super good teacher and he
was asking questions left and right and you could just tell that he
was learning so much and feeling the spirit. So after class we set up
a time to come see them Sunday right after church at 7. But when we
got there he was a sleep, so we just taught Gabriela instead! But it
was actually great that he wasn't there. They definitely both have
different needs and with her she's really quiet and we feel like her
husband can be a little mean to her sometimes. So we had this super
good Jesus/restoration lesson and how she's stoked to read the Book of
Mormon. It was so cool to see the spirit just working on her during
that lesson and that she was finally understanding the gospel. So we
will see what happens!

We are also teaching someone right now that has cancer and is
currently going through chemo. We've had some bad luck stopping by the
past few times and have caught her when she's super weak and sick. But
this past weekend it was her sons birthday and she was feeling really
good! So we talked to her and her fam for a little bit but they were
kinda busy so we were just gonna head out and try to catch them
another time when we could share a message. But she wanted us to share
something even though they were busy and doing stuff, so she got
everyone in the room and let us share something with the whole family
send her sons girlfriend. She's so good. She always wants to read with
us and talk about God but it's hard for her because of her health so
we haven't had too many lessons with her. But hopefully soon we can!

We also had interviews with president this week and he told me and
warden that the likely hood of us staying together for a 4th transfer
was slim. ☹️ sad. But we're just gonna live it up the next 3 weeks
that we have left. It's the best to have a companion that works hard
but you can also have fun with.

Well eso es todo! Recuerden que Dios se ama y lean las escrituras!

Hna anderson

Some cool pink mountains

When it snows in May

 Chillin w bb isaac

Found ma girl Alexa!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Week 29: Feliz dia de las madres!

Week 28: finally feels like primavera

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Week 27: snow and rain and hail and sun and almost peed our pants

Hola todos! This week like almost all of our lessons cancelled. Not
sure why. And also Friday we experienced every single type of weather
in one day. It was ACTUALLY INSANE. we were struggling a little bit
but it made for a good memory haha.

But on Sunday we were doing some contacting and warden and I were
having a good ol time like normal. We know eachother a little too well
hahaha. But we were walking away from this one house and warden did
something really funny and I almost peed my pants laughing so hard.
It's gonna be weird to not be her comp anymore. And we were like
running from different houses that we knew trying to find somewhere to
use the bathroom and we got into this less actives house that we'd
been trying to get in contact with 5ever. It was the guys birthday and
they had some BOMB tres leches cake. His brothers very active family
was there so we were talking about our missions together and sharing
some cool experiences.

But now let me get to the good stuff. I haven't talked about Olga for
a while bc she was out of town. But she's back now and she didn't
really wanna get baptized for a while. She felt like she didn't know
too much and she wanted to keep reading the Book of Mormon and going
to church and learning. So on Tuesday we left her with the challenge
to pray about a date to get baptized. To really ask god when the best
time to get baptized would be. She was thinking sometime in July and
that's way far out. She has a really strong testimony of prayer so she
was super down for it. So we came back Thursday like normal and she
didn't have a date. She said she really didn't know when she needed to
get baptized. So we read the baptismal questions with her and
reassured her that she knew everything that she needed to know. She
answered the questions perfectly. Like honestly probably better than a
member of their whole life would answer them. She has so much faith
and she is so prepared for this. So we present the date of may 13th
and she was like okay! That's perfect! A couple weeks ago when we
first got her on date, she wanted all of her kids to come from Mexico
and California to see her get baptized and she wanted to wait for
them. And now she's so ready that she's just gonna do it without them
and see them whenever they come over the summer. Olga is so gooood
though omg. During the closing prayer she said that she was so
thankful for this day and she would always remember it because it was
the day she decided to get baptized. ❤❤❤️ she's so cute. We're
pumped for her.

But yeah that's it y'all. OMG NO WAIT IM GONNA BE OUT FOR 6 MONTHS
TOMORROW. Crazy!!! It's seriously flown by so fast, but it's been so
great. I wouldn't trade these past 6 months for anything and I'm
pumped for what the next year has in store.

Have a great week! Here's some pics.

Hna anderson

Mi entrenadora went home. RIP hna Avalos

Week 26: ya girls are staying together! Woooo!

This week has been fantastic. Seriously. I just wrote out all the good
stuff that happened and then it deleted so this is gonna be short
haha. BUT warden and I are staying together for a 3rd transfer out
here in West Jordan! And that like never happens in this mission so we
are really pumped. We feel like the people that we are teaching out
here need both of us, not just one of us and someone else. We've built
up a lot of trust with the members and our investigators and so we are
hoping to make some cool stuff happen this transfer.

Anyway we had a lesson with natalie this past week and she's SO GOOD!
So they had been taking lessons from the missionaries before and her
and her husband got married so that she could get baptized. They loved
going to church but some stuff happened and they moved so they stopped
going. But one day some crazy cool miracle stuff happened to her and
she got online and requested missionaries on her own! Then a
missionary from the st. George visitors center kept in contact with
her and with us to make sure we finally got to meet her. And we did
and it was so good! She's been so prepared and she really wants to get
baptized. We went over the restoration with them and invited them to
start coming to church and to be baptized! We set them in date for may
20th and she's so excited. We met with her again on Saturday and her
husband David got a promotion and so he would be commuting back and
forth from Milwaukee. So that's kinda tough for her. But she and her
kids came to church on Sunday and they loved it! She's sooo cute.
We're so happy that we get to teach her!

Also our ward mission leader had a great idea last fast Sunday for the
ward council, ward missionaries, and us to fast for all of our
investigators! So we did and seriously fasting is amazing. We had a
lesson with this One less active man and his daughter that we've been
teaching for a while. He's not too down for his daughter to get
baptized bc he wants her to read and study more about the church. But
he already has a really strong testimony of fasting from whenever he
was younger and a recent convert in the church. So before the fast we
told him we were going to do it and invited him to fast with us! And
he did! When we went back and met with them he was completely
different. His daughter really likes it when we come and we went over
the restoration with them again. We invited her to be baptized at the
end and for him to prepare to baptize her and they said they would! We
set them on date for may 27th. We're pumped for them!

Anyway this week was awesome. Recuérdense leer las escrituras y orar
cada noche! Dios se ama mucho!

Con amor, hermana anderson.