Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 17

Hey y'all! This week has been great. There's so much work to do here it's crazy! I don't think I've ever been so tired in my life but I'm so halos to be out here.

Monday was a chill pday for the most part. Then we had a lesson with a new investigator we picked up last week named donisia. We taught her and her husband about the plan of salvation and it was really cool! They hadn't heard anything like this before but they loved it. Her husband also had some really interesting questions about how science and religion work together como dinosaurs, evolution of monkeys into people etc. but we told them we didn't know everything, we just had a testimony that these things were true and that we would know the mysteries of God in the end. 

Tuesday we both got sick. The people we live with got some kind of stomach flu and we caught it. Not fun at all.

Wednesday it started snowing again!!!! We totally thought it was gonna be done and that spring was gonna come soon but nope. It's all good though. We've been getting ready for our English classes to start and so we've been handing out flyers and contacting everyone we possibly can about it! We're so pumped because there's a lot of people that have expressed interest. And then we had another lesson with Angelo to prepare him for his baptismal interview! They're probably my favorite family ever. Its so great to see how far that they've come! Then after them we had a lesson with maritza who's husband is baptizing her next week! We went over the plan of salvation with them and talked about how it's all because of Jesus Christ that it's all possible. He did the atonement for us so that we could repent and be better every day and in the end make it back to live with Him forever with our families! 

Thursday was another chill day. We worked on finding old investigators and potentials all day and also handed out the flyers for English classes. We also ran into some really cool Dominican members as well! They go to the English ward but they gave us a ton of referrals to go see. Then we also taught Olga! She's amazing yall. We were teaching about the gospel of Jesus Christ and she had so many awesome questions about why the Catholic Church baptizes little kids and how she can feel the spirit more abundantly in her life. She's so open to learning about the gospel and really wants this for herself. So we asked her to be baptized, and since the other missionaries before pressured her a lot, she didn't want to set a date, but she definitely wanted it as a goal. 

Friday we had angelos baptismal interview!! So excited for him! And then we also had a lesson with our girl Stephanie. She's progressing slowly but surely! Last week out of nowhere she had this gigantic engagement looking ring on her finger that she wouldn't rally tell us about. So we talked with her for a while and asked what she would want for her marriage, and she said she wanted god to be in the middle of it if she did get married. She said she didn't want to have to worry about money or a job or other things getting inbetween her and her spouse in the future. So we just talked about how in life in general, if you put God first, everything else will fall into place! 

Saturday was angelos baptism! It was actually really stressful to get together because the people that he wanted to speak couldn't come last minute so we had to scramble to find other people pero it all worked out! And his non member dad decided to come but he was going to be late. So we tried to hold off the acutul baptism until he got there but he was too late. Kinda sad but we think he still felt the spirit. Then we had another baptism to go to that night for hermana warden in her old area! A lady that she taught on her very first day in the field got baptized and so she was really excited. There were tons of missionaries there because she'd been taught by so many, but it was such a beautiful baptismal service! They sang Joseph's smiths first prayer and it was really cool. 

Sunday we had stake conference and y'all it was probably the best stake conference I've ever been to. The stake I'm in is so on top of it with organization and especially being involved with missionary work. The talks were so powerful and then the stake president had all of the recently returned missionaries get up and bare their testimonies and it was so cool. All of them focused on how they came to know of the true love that Christ has for the people of the world. And then my comp got to fulfill her mission dream of playing the harp! She's so talented and she did such a good job. Then afterwards we went to maritzas house for lunch and we had ceviche. Omg it's soooo good! It's like shrimp or crab salsa stuff on tostadas. And then maritzas sister in law drove us around and gave us like a million referrals! Soooo pumped y'all. We have so much work to do. Then we handed out some more flyers and tried to go see Liz but couldn't find her. 

That's it y'all! Have a great week! Y'all are awesome! 

Hermana Anderson 

When you weren't expecting the snow lol

image2.JPGSnowing off our new colorful weekly planning board

More snow

image5.JPGAngelos baptism ❤❤❤

Week 16: good sunsets and new poly neighbors

Hey everyone! Imma keep it real short this week because this week has been crazy and I'm exhausted haha. Not bad crazy, good crazy! But Wednesday was probably the most crazy. We were definitely the most full from our 6 enchiladas And also the sunset was real good too. I'll add a pic of it. 

We met some awesome new people that were soooo excited to start teaching! One named Olga who is a referral from the English sisters! She's talked to missionaries before and loved the messsge but she said she felt like they were pressuring her to get baptized really quick and she didn't want to yet. But we taught her 3 times this week and it was so great! She's soaking up everything we talk to her about and she loves the Book of Mormon. She didn't come to church this week bc she was taking care of her sick grandson, and then she got sick. But we have set lessons with her on Tuesday's and Thursday's now so we'll be seeing her a lot! 

Angelo is getting baptized this Saturday by his older brother and were so excited for them! Alex helped bless the sacrament for the first time this Sunday and it was so awesome to see how much their family is progressing! Ahhh! Also maritza and abram are solid too. He's baptizing her the weekend after and she's so excited about it and it's so cute. Their family is already planning the after party for her baptism and it's hilarious. 

Saturday the elders called about a family moving in from West Jordan and they needed help! We were expecting latinos but they were Samoan! And probably the funniest people I've ever met. They knew laree soifua from byu Hawaii! She's their niece! So they were excited that I knew her too. And then this dude with a cello was walking down the street and they got him to come give us a concert in their garage. Weirdest but funniest thing ever. 

We also had a bunch of meetings yesterday about getting our English classes started in the stake! The stake president also had the idea to start finance and budgeting classes for everyone as well. These both are going to help the people in the community so much! There's so many people that we meet and come in contact with that have lived in the US for 20+ years and still don't know any English! Granted, there's so many Hispanics in the area that it's so easy for them to get around with out it. But lots of them have the desire to learn they just don't know how! So we're hoping that this helps bring the community together and helps us also find more people to teach! The finance classes were also really excited about. It's crazy how many times you see people with huge flatscreen TVs and the newest phones but they have a hard time paying their rent or having money to put food on the table. The stake presidency is so on it in this stake and it's awesome! They're organizing everything with us and are going to make stake callings for people to teach these classes and help people find jobs and stuff. We're pumped! 

Here's some pics! Les amo mucho! 

Hermana Anderson



Playing on those phone things at a playground 

image4.JPGAngelos brother Andrew. He's our fav. 

Dude playing the cello for us haha.

Selfie during the cool sunset 

Week 15: lista para verano

Hey everyone! Hope y'all had a great week! It was another good one over here in West Jordan.

Monday was a pretty chill pday for the most part. We always play soccer with the other elders in our district/zone. More than half are latinos and latinos looovvveeee soccer haha. And then we went out to find this less active family who nobody knows and thinks they may have started going to a Catholic Church nearby. We found the daughter like 2 weeks ago and set up a time to come back and be with the whole family so we were hoping they were all there. We walked up and the parents and their friends were outside talking and so we went up to see if it was them and it was! They were soooo cool y'all. Just nice down to earth people. So we talked to them for a while about the Super Bowl and then that led into But then we started talking to them about church stuff and they were like yeah we're inactive and we wanna come back, and we're like y'all! You can do it! We can help you! And then they were like nahhh maybe another time. But we invited them to start reading the Book of Mormon as a family and they said we could come by another day that week. 

Tuesday we had interviews with president palmer. He's so amazing y'all, he's probably one of the wisest people  I've ever met. But then after our interviews we went to find this girl Liz we've been teaching. She's had a hard life and has 2 adorable little kids. We usually teach her out on the porch but she let us in this time which is huugggeee! She's been opening up to us a lot lately. But we taught her and her youngest son about the restoration, and she remembered everything from when the elders taught her a while ago! We were really surprised because sometimes it seems like she doesn't remember/know too much. But she knew a lot about Jospeh smith and the Book of Mormon, and we brought her an English BOM because she understands reading in English better. Were really pumped about Liz though, she has so much potential! Then later that night we had a lesson with Maritza! She's getting baptized on march 4th!! And her husband Abram is getting the preisthood so he can baptize her! Soooooo excited y'all! They already have plans to go do baptisms at the temple as a family after she gets baptized. They are so ready and it's so awesome to see them so happy. 

Wednesday it was sooooooo nice outside. Like I've missed the sun so much! We only had to bring light jackets! It was mostly just a bunch of finding though, which I wasn't bad about bc it was so nice out. 

Then Thursday, some elders in our zone texted us saying an awesome family from their ward was moving into our area! So we met up with them at their new house and helped them move a few things inside and talked to them for a while. They're really awesome! We're excited to have them in our ward. Then we went and found some more people and then had dinner with this awesome Chilean family. Then the wife came with us to a lesson with mirko and his daughter who are very inactive. The lesson was so Good! They came to church the last Sunday! They only stayed for sacrament, but still it was huge. Then we talked to them for a sec about how their reading and praying was good and they're good about praying but not reading. So we read a little bit in the scriptures with them and then invited them to start doing it together as a family! We gave his daughter a kids BOM so it would be easier for her. 

Friday we had district meeting and that's always good! My new district is soooo fun as well. So that makes it even better. An elder in our district gave an awesome training on charity! Then we had lunch and then headed out again. We met with maritza again and taught her about the priesthood and how important it really is! She's so excited to get baptized. Then we did some more finding and then met with Stephanie! She's slowly but surely progressing. Her sister and friend sat in with us, and last time we met with her, we talked about how she wanted to know more about Christs life. So this time we shared the parable of the Good Samaritan and how it's important to serve everyone, not just the people we like! So we invited them to think about ways they could serve people, and then the next time we came back we would talk about a service project we could do. 

Saturday honestly sucked a little. First when we were opening the garage door to leave, it had been warm and sunny all week, and then we looked outside and there was snow on the ground again! So dumb! Apparently it snowed again over night. But luckily it melted by the end of the day. We found Liz and invited her to church, and then like 3 other lessons we had set that day fell through. So we went and tried to find la familia Hernandez. The one who went to the temple and loved it, but didn't feel the need to pray about anything we were talking about. So we stopped by to see how they were bc after our last lesson when we read in 2 nefi 31, they said they'd call us when they "were free". Which obviously wasn't gonna happen. So the mom answered the door and said that she was soooo busy and she was cooking right then, and how her daughters always had plans so they couldn't find a time to meet with us again and how they were catholic and they would always be catholic. She said she loved our message and loved the Book of Mormon but she still wanted to be Catholic. She threw in a few more times that they were really busy and couldn't meet with us anytime soon but that she would call us if she needed anything. So we just bore our testimonies and told her how much we loved her and left it at that. We will probs go by again next week though lol. We aren't that easy to get rid of. Then right after that we went to this referrals house and he proceeded to open the door and yell at us. (Funny story tho, the night before we knocked on his door, and it looked like a car was about to pull into his driveway, but then it sped up really fast right as it was about to pull in. Then when we were down a couple houses we saw it pull into the driveway lol) anyway we asked if he's talked to missionaries or heard our message and he says that missionaries always come to his house but he's happy as he is and didn't want to change. So we told him of the peace and joy that comes through Jesus Christ and then he told his this story about how he lost his job that he had for 20 years and then he found an even better one, and we were like well we promise that if you give our message a chance you'll find so much more happiness, but he insisted that he was already happy. Then he told us why he didn't like members of the church. He said that some people he knew made their kids go to church, and then he worked with a really awkward RM who got married really fast. Lol this guy was hilarious, his arguments made no sense and you could Jusr tell he was mad at the world. So we just were like okay well we invite you to come closer to Christ in your own way this week by reading the Bible or praying or something, and then he was like no, I've never read the Bible and I'm never going to. And then slammed the door. Lol it was so interesting. Then we tried to find some more referrals but nobody was home.

Sunday pumped us up! We had a stake meeting about starting English and finance classes every week. The senior couple is going to be over it and they're starting on march 1! So excited! And then we had an awesome ward council meeting, which apparently they're never good. Then we went and tried to get Liz for church, and her mom let us in so we could wake her up but she was so dead asleep. We tried shaking her and yelling and tickling her feet but nothing worked! So she didn't come, but we had other people there. Then after church we went to rosas house for lunch! I love them sooo much. Her oldest son Alex got the preisthood so we set angelos baptism date for the 25th of feb! He's pumped and it's so cute. Then we went and found some more people then had dinner ( the lady made some awesome flan omg) and then we had an FHE with this less active family in the ward! We talked about the restoration and then at the end we had them draw out their favorite part. They got kinda competitive with their drawings and they were all really good! 

Everything is going great and the sun is starting to come out more and more! This week is supposed to be in the high 50's 🙏🏾🙏🏾 hope everyone has a great week! 

image1.JPGPretty sunset

image2.JPGAnother pretty sunset 

image3.JPGSelfies outside the church building 

I was happy to find some grass without snow finally 

image5.JPGFound scooby 

Week 14: West Jordan best Jordan

Hola everyone! This week has been so fast. I can't believe that it's already Monday again!! I got transferred from magna last Tuesday to the oquirrh point 5th ward and my new companion is Hermana Warden! I knew her from zone activities last transfer and she is awesome. We have such a good time together haha. 

Anyway last Monday we went to top golf and then played sports with some other missionaries in the zone. Then afterwards avalos and I went to go say goodbye to some people we were teaching and some other families in the ward. When we went to say goodbye to la familia de Leon, they had this baby deer in their yard that a bunch of neighbors were petting and stuff!!! Super weird.. so I petted it, and then it followed one of their neighbors into their garage down the street. Sooo that was definitely an interesting experience. Then we talked with them for a while and shared a message. Then we went to see Jade. Her whole family got mono this past week so they've been super sick which really stinks. But we went to go say goodbye to her and her family as well. Magna was such an awesome first area and I'm gonna miss it a lot, but it's great to be over here in West Jordan. 

Tuesday morning was a little crazy. We had to meet up at the zone building for transfers and wait for my new comp hermana warden to come and pick me up. Hermana Warden had to drop her old comp off at a different zone building bc She was going to the other Spanish zone. So she eventually came and we went to our house. We live in the basement of a member family. They're pretty chill. So I came and unpacked a little and then we headed off to find some referrals that we had recent,y been given. The area I'm in now is a walking area and it's soooo fun! It's basically this gigantic area full of houses, and then our area goes across a highway and there's some more houses. It's definitely a nicer part of town than magna, but there's still so much work to do none the less. So we found a couple of them and set up some appointments for later in the week. Then for dinner we went to this inactive lady's house who is soooo awesome! Their family is my favorite of all time seriously. She's married to a non member guy who's pretty nice but isn't too interested in the church. Then she has 4 sons, one who is about to turn 16, one who's 10, one who's 5, and a baby. All of the sons are sooooo sweet. Alex who is about to turn 16 wants to be able to baptize Angelo, who is the 10 year old, soon. They have been coming back to church for the past month and you can see how it's made a difference in their lives. But we had dinner with them and she made these ammaaazzziinnggg flautas. Amazing. She says her dream is to become a chef after her kids are all grown up. I'd say she's well on her way to that haha. And then after dinner we shared a message with them about the 10 commandments and taught them little signs to remember them all! We had 2 other lessons that night. One was with this lady named Lola. She got baptized about a year ago but you'd never know that. She doesn't remember hardly anything about the church or the lessons that she was getting taught by the elders before. So we've been working with her and she's super confused. We testified of the Book of Mormon and how if she reads it, she can find all of her answers and she can feel that peace in her life that she needs. We also talked about prayer and how through prayer we can talk to god, and he can talk to us. It's a 2 way communication! She still had some problems and felt like her prayers weren't being answered, so we invited her to pray about the Book of Mormon and the things she has questions about. Then after Lola, we went to visit a family who was a referral that we got from temple square a few weeks back. They'd taught them the plan of salvation and the restoration already so we were thinking of talking about baptism with them. And so, they are probably the most catholic people I've ever met. But the thing is they're not religiously catholic, they're culturally catholic. So they just grew up with the mindset that they are catholic and they will always be catholic. They don't go to church really ever but they have this huge picture of Guadeloupe (Virgin Mary) in their living room with lights and candles around it and stuff. So anyway we went to talk to them, and Warden and her other comp gave them a BOM the week before and they read a bunch! All the way to 2 nefi 20! But as we were talking we were baring testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and they literally agreed with everything we said! Then as we were talking about the Book of Mormon, we invited them to pray about it and pray if the things we were talking about were true. But they didn't want to? It was weird. We tried to ask about their concerns but they didn't feel like they needed to pray about it for some reason. Idk. Son we just asked them to keep reading.

Wednesday was a lot of finding. We have a ton of referrals here. And we're walking, so it takes a while to actually find them. But it was great! And then we had a lesson with this less active lady Reyna. We talked to her about the plan of salvation and tied it in to family history! The spirit was really strong in our lesson and she was really excited to start doing family history so that she could get to the temple and do baptisms for her family! Then we had dinner with this awesome family in the ward, and then we did some more finding referrals. That was basically it haha. 

Thursday we went and found some more after our weekly planning sesh, and then we met with this lady named maritza! She's so good. She's not a member but her husband is less active and trying to come back and get the preisthood. And it's nice because they live with his family who are all very active in the church and they have gospel discussions a lot. But she is amazing! She's definitely been prepared and she's looking forward to getting baptized and eventually getting sealed to her husband and 2 little kids after that. The only reason they haven't picked a date for her to be baptized yet is because she wants her husband to baptize her and he's working on getting the priesthood still and they don't know when he will be able to yet.  And we also got some good news from the bishop Sunday! So apparently her husband met with the bishop and he will be getting the priesthood next Sunday and he will be able to baptize his wife really really soon! 🙏🏿 

Friday we had a zone training! And we also found out that avalos (my old comp) and her new comp were made STLs over our zone and a few other sisters in the other Spanish zone. Bc our zone only has 2 sets of sisters and the other one has 7, they're helping the other STLs work with their sisters. Then after zone training we found a less active lady and shared Because of Him and talked with her for a while. She was really cute. Then we went to Rosas house again and and talked to her and Angelo for a while. Then we read the scriptures with them and encouraged them to keep reading as a family bc it would bring them closer together! Then after them we had dinner with the relief society president and her daughter. They're from Venezuela! And she made Arepas, and that's like classic venezuelan meal. It's like this bread roll thing but its thin, and you slice it open and put meat and cheese in it and omg it's so good! But they are so awesome. Then at night after we had a lesson with a guy who's been less active for a while and has had problems with the church in the past. So we talked with him for a while and talked about how we can find peace in our lives through the gospel! And then we had a bunch of other lessons Friday night back to back and we were literally running from house to house so that we could have time to actually teach them haha. 

Saturday was a little crazy too. We had a ton of lessons and actually managed to talk to some people who never ever answer the door! We met with the Hernandez family again, the really catholic ones, and they hadn't really done anything we asked them to do. So we read in 2 nefi 31 with them and talked about the Holy Ghost and baptism with them. We are going to try and set up another time to meet with them and go back to temple square for a lesson there! Then we had another lesson with Lola that was interesting as well. Also, kinda off topic, but me and warden had this great idea to carry around this 15 lb. rock to work out our arms while we're walking and we've gotten some weird looks from people on the street. And these kids on bikes came to talk to us and they were just like "why are you carrying that rock? That's weird." Kinda funny. 

Sunday was great! I got to meet the ward and like seriously this ward is huge! It's bigger than the peachtree city ward. Soooo many people but they're all so awesome! Hermana Warden even met someone that served in the same mission and at the same time as her parents who served in spain! That was really cool for her. Testimony meeting was super powerful and we had quite a few people at church so we were so happy! Then we went to Rosas house for late lunch. She got mad at us because we skip meals sometimes during the day bc we're so busy and don't have time to go back home to get food. So she made us some awesome tacos and we talked to them about missionary work! We invited Angelo, Andrew, and Alex to be examples to their friends at school and for the family to pray about people in their life that may need the gospel! They are an awesome family and I'm so excited for what's to come with them. 

Well y'all I hope everyone had a great week! Remember that God loves you and hears your prayers! 

Con amor, 
Hermana Anderson 

This cool ice sickle tree we found

This interesting plant shrine thing we saw in a driveway haha

The sun came out and I had to take a picture so I could remember what it looked like

My eyes are basically closed, but we were happy to see the sun 

image5.JPGGood times with Warden 

Week 13: mi ultima semana en milagro magna

Hey y'all! This week was really really crazy. And also I'm getting transferred out of miracle magna 😭😭. It's been an amazing 7 weeks and I'm sad to leave, but I'm excited for the transfer to come. 

Last Monday was a super fun pday! We rented these big hamster ball things and played soccer with them. I'll attach a pic at the end. But yeah it was super fun! We had some gnarly whiplash and some bruises at the end but it was worth it. And then after the pday activity, we got a call saying our car was finished! So we don't have to walk in the snow anymore wooo! So we went and picked up our car and had dinner with a less active lady in the ward that made some super good enchiladas. Then we had a lesson with la familia De Leon about the importance of church, prayer, and scriptures and how they help build up our testimony. My companion hermana Ávalos knows a ton of object lessons and so with this one we used 3 cups, 3 knives, and a book. Then they had to try to fit the 3 knives together on top of the cups and make them strong enough to hold up the weight of the Book! So they tried and it didn't work. But my comp showed them how and it worked! It was pretty cool.

Then on Tuesday we had our studies, and then after we were going though our phone and relized we didn't know like half of the people in there. So we decided to call all of the investigators we didn't know and we actually got 2 new ones out of it! Their names are Eva and Francisco and they're a mom and son. They were meeting with missionaries a while ago when elders covered this area and they loved them, but then one day they just stopped coming so they were pretty excited to meet with us. We had a lesson with them at the church building and taught them about the restoration. Sue had soooooo many questions, but they were all really good questions. So at the end she was like yeah I don't really see how this is any different from any other church. They all preach about god and Christ and their love for us just like y'all do. So then we brought in the Book of Mormon and we both shared our testimonies about it and the spirit was soooo strong! It was really cool. You could just see in their eyes how excited they were to read it. So we gave them one at the end and invited them to pray about it. Then before we got a chance to tell them about church, Francisco was like so what time does your church start? We want to come! And we were both like OMGGGG YES WE START AT 1!! It was so cool y'all I'm pumped for them. 

Then Wednesday we had the worldwide missionary broadcast where they talked about the new missionary schedule! That was really nice. We get an extra 30 min to get ready in the morning and we plan in the morning now instead of at night when we get home so that we can get more sleep if we need it. Then we also get an extra 2 hours on pday as well to get more things done! The new schedule lets missionaries be flexible with their studies and meals so that they can be more efficient in teaching those people in their areas. God bless modern revelation! Then later after the broadcast we got lunch at CFA with our zone and then headed to a lesson. We taught a less active lady that really wants to be re activated but never comes to church. We taught her about the plan of salvation and then she said how she wanted to get to the temple so she can do the work for her ancestors! So we set up another time with her next week to do some family history. 

Then on Thursday we had a lesson with Itzy and she's still just so awesome. Her friend Alicia was sick so she wasn't able to join us again. But it's all good. Itzy was really busy cooking for her family that was coming over later so we helped her and then shared a message with her about how God knows our potential as people, we just have to let him into our lives and do his will! Then later we had our last lesson with Elida before her interview and she is just soooooo awesome. She was so excited to get baptized! Then later that night we had a ward activity where we played volleyball and soccer. Haha man it got kinda competitive but it was soooooo fun. There were a bunch of people that came and a lot of them were less actives that we are reaching and we had a few investigators too! #wardunity 

Friday we had our last district meeting. They were such a great first district in the mission. Then after the meeting Elida had her baptismal interview with our district leader and she passed with flying colors! Then we made district lunch together one last time and then went to this hill that over looks the salt lake valley and took some pictures. After that we had a lesson with our investigator Jazmine. She's been taking lessons from missionaries for 4 years! But she hasn't felt very good/ready about getting baptized yet. We had her on date when me and hermana messico taught her on exchanges but she fell off date bc she hasn't been to church in our ward yet (bc she just moved over here and was attending the other ward). But we were talking to her and she knows like everything. She knows that gospel so well! But she said she still didn't know about it. So we just decided that maybe it would be a good idea if we went over the baptismal questions with her to show her that she was ready and she had everything she needed! And so we war over everything with her and she was keeping all of the commandments and had a testimony of Joseph Smith and everything! We just told her that all she needed to do was start coming to church every Sunday and she would feel that comfort and reassurance she needed in her life. So we invited her to pray about a date that she felt good about and we would talk to her next week. 

Saturday we had transfer calls and we totally thought hermana Ávalos would leave bc she's already been here for 5 months and that's really unusual for this mission. People usually get moved every 2 or 3 transfers. But I'm going to West Jordan with hermana Warden! She's super cool. She's in the other sister companionship in the zone (there's only 2 haha) but I'm pumped! And I'm gonna be walking in this area... so that's, be an adventure. But then after transfer calls we went to get sushi with avalos' old companion! And then we had an appointment with a lady in the ward. She told us on Sunday that she wanted us to come to her house around 1 so we were like okay will do! But we didn't know if it was for food or if she needed to talk to us about something or what. So we showed up and the table was all set and plates piled high... with dessert that was a struggle but the food was great and she's such an awesome lady. Then after was the best part! Elida got baptized! ❤❤❤ the spirit was soooo strong and so many people from the ward showed up! It was so amazing and her and her kids are going to the temple this Saturday to do baptisms. Ahhhhh I'm so excited for them. 

Then on Sunday we went to church and Eva and Francisco came! Our new investigators. Then jazmine and her family came as well, along with a lot of less actives we are reaching too. Then Elida got confirmed and it was so great. Then we had dinner with la familia Rodriguez and they are so cute! They have 5 little girls and they are wiiiillllldddddd. But so cute. Then we went and visited a few people in he ward bc I'm leaving tomorrow to West Jordan. It's funny bc we all thought Ávalos would leave but she's still here! Crazy. 

Anyway I hope y'all have a great week! 

Con amor, 
Hermana anderson 

Elidas baptism 

Jumping pic with the district 

Mi mexicana 

image4.JPGDeportes fam 

image5.JPGWest side forever 

image6.JPGPday activity hahaha