Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 16: good sunsets and new poly neighbors

Hey everyone! Imma keep it real short this week because this week has been crazy and I'm exhausted haha. Not bad crazy, good crazy! But Wednesday was probably the most crazy. We were definitely the most full from our 6 enchiladas And also the sunset was real good too. I'll add a pic of it. 

We met some awesome new people that were soooo excited to start teaching! One named Olga who is a referral from the English sisters! She's talked to missionaries before and loved the messsge but she said she felt like they were pressuring her to get baptized really quick and she didn't want to yet. But we taught her 3 times this week and it was so great! She's soaking up everything we talk to her about and she loves the Book of Mormon. She didn't come to church this week bc she was taking care of her sick grandson, and then she got sick. But we have set lessons with her on Tuesday's and Thursday's now so we'll be seeing her a lot! 

Angelo is getting baptized this Saturday by his older brother and were so excited for them! Alex helped bless the sacrament for the first time this Sunday and it was so awesome to see how much their family is progressing! Ahhh! Also maritza and abram are solid too. He's baptizing her the weekend after and she's so excited about it and it's so cute. Their family is already planning the after party for her baptism and it's hilarious. 

Saturday the elders called about a family moving in from West Jordan and they needed help! We were expecting latinos but they were Samoan! And probably the funniest people I've ever met. They knew laree soifua from byu Hawaii! She's their niece! So they were excited that I knew her too. And then this dude with a cello was walking down the street and they got him to come give us a concert in their garage. Weirdest but funniest thing ever. 

We also had a bunch of meetings yesterday about getting our English classes started in the stake! The stake president also had the idea to start finance and budgeting classes for everyone as well. These both are going to help the people in the community so much! There's so many people that we meet and come in contact with that have lived in the US for 20+ years and still don't know any English! Granted, there's so many Hispanics in the area that it's so easy for them to get around with out it. But lots of them have the desire to learn they just don't know how! So we're hoping that this helps bring the community together and helps us also find more people to teach! The finance classes were also really excited about. It's crazy how many times you see people with huge flatscreen TVs and the newest phones but they have a hard time paying their rent or having money to put food on the table. The stake presidency is so on it in this stake and it's awesome! They're organizing everything with us and are going to make stake callings for people to teach these classes and help people find jobs and stuff. We're pumped! 

Here's some pics! Les amo mucho! 

Hermana Anderson



Playing on those phone things at a playground 

image4.JPGAngelos brother Andrew. He's our fav. 

Dude playing the cello for us haha.

Selfie during the cool sunset 

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