Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 13: mi ultima semana en milagro magna

Hey y'all! This week was really really crazy. And also I'm getting transferred out of miracle magna 😭😭. It's been an amazing 7 weeks and I'm sad to leave, but I'm excited for the transfer to come. 

Last Monday was a super fun pday! We rented these big hamster ball things and played soccer with them. I'll attach a pic at the end. But yeah it was super fun! We had some gnarly whiplash and some bruises at the end but it was worth it. And then after the pday activity, we got a call saying our car was finished! So we don't have to walk in the snow anymore wooo! So we went and picked up our car and had dinner with a less active lady in the ward that made some super good enchiladas. Then we had a lesson with la familia De Leon about the importance of church, prayer, and scriptures and how they help build up our testimony. My companion hermana Ávalos knows a ton of object lessons and so with this one we used 3 cups, 3 knives, and a book. Then they had to try to fit the 3 knives together on top of the cups and make them strong enough to hold up the weight of the Book! So they tried and it didn't work. But my comp showed them how and it worked! It was pretty cool.

Then on Tuesday we had our studies, and then after we were going though our phone and relized we didn't know like half of the people in there. So we decided to call all of the investigators we didn't know and we actually got 2 new ones out of it! Their names are Eva and Francisco and they're a mom and son. They were meeting with missionaries a while ago when elders covered this area and they loved them, but then one day they just stopped coming so they were pretty excited to meet with us. We had a lesson with them at the church building and taught them about the restoration. Sue had soooooo many questions, but they were all really good questions. So at the end she was like yeah I don't really see how this is any different from any other church. They all preach about god and Christ and their love for us just like y'all do. So then we brought in the Book of Mormon and we both shared our testimonies about it and the spirit was soooo strong! It was really cool. You could just see in their eyes how excited they were to read it. So we gave them one at the end and invited them to pray about it. Then before we got a chance to tell them about church, Francisco was like so what time does your church start? We want to come! And we were both like OMGGGG YES WE START AT 1!! It was so cool y'all I'm pumped for them. 

Then Wednesday we had the worldwide missionary broadcast where they talked about the new missionary schedule! That was really nice. We get an extra 30 min to get ready in the morning and we plan in the morning now instead of at night when we get home so that we can get more sleep if we need it. Then we also get an extra 2 hours on pday as well to get more things done! The new schedule lets missionaries be flexible with their studies and meals so that they can be more efficient in teaching those people in their areas. God bless modern revelation! Then later after the broadcast we got lunch at CFA with our zone and then headed to a lesson. We taught a less active lady that really wants to be re activated but never comes to church. We taught her about the plan of salvation and then she said how she wanted to get to the temple so she can do the work for her ancestors! So we set up another time with her next week to do some family history. 

Then on Thursday we had a lesson with Itzy and she's still just so awesome. Her friend Alicia was sick so she wasn't able to join us again. But it's all good. Itzy was really busy cooking for her family that was coming over later so we helped her and then shared a message with her about how God knows our potential as people, we just have to let him into our lives and do his will! Then later we had our last lesson with Elida before her interview and she is just soooooo awesome. She was so excited to get baptized! Then later that night we had a ward activity where we played volleyball and soccer. Haha man it got kinda competitive but it was soooooo fun. There were a bunch of people that came and a lot of them were less actives that we are reaching and we had a few investigators too! #wardunity 

Friday we had our last district meeting. They were such a great first district in the mission. Then after the meeting Elida had her baptismal interview with our district leader and she passed with flying colors! Then we made district lunch together one last time and then went to this hill that over looks the salt lake valley and took some pictures. After that we had a lesson with our investigator Jazmine. She's been taking lessons from missionaries for 4 years! But she hasn't felt very good/ready about getting baptized yet. We had her on date when me and hermana messico taught her on exchanges but she fell off date bc she hasn't been to church in our ward yet (bc she just moved over here and was attending the other ward). But we were talking to her and she knows like everything. She knows that gospel so well! But she said she still didn't know about it. So we just decided that maybe it would be a good idea if we went over the baptismal questions with her to show her that she was ready and she had everything she needed! And so we war over everything with her and she was keeping all of the commandments and had a testimony of Joseph Smith and everything! We just told her that all she needed to do was start coming to church every Sunday and she would feel that comfort and reassurance she needed in her life. So we invited her to pray about a date that she felt good about and we would talk to her next week. 

Saturday we had transfer calls and we totally thought hermana Ávalos would leave bc she's already been here for 5 months and that's really unusual for this mission. People usually get moved every 2 or 3 transfers. But I'm going to West Jordan with hermana Warden! She's super cool. She's in the other sister companionship in the zone (there's only 2 haha) but I'm pumped! And I'm gonna be walking in this area... so that's, be an adventure. But then after transfer calls we went to get sushi with avalos' old companion! And then we had an appointment with a lady in the ward. She told us on Sunday that she wanted us to come to her house around 1 so we were like okay will do! But we didn't know if it was for food or if she needed to talk to us about something or what. So we showed up and the table was all set and plates piled high... with dessert that was a struggle but the food was great and she's such an awesome lady. Then after was the best part! Elida got baptized! ❤❤❤ the spirit was soooo strong and so many people from the ward showed up! It was so amazing and her and her kids are going to the temple this Saturday to do baptisms. Ahhhhh I'm so excited for them. 

Then on Sunday we went to church and Eva and Francisco came! Our new investigators. Then jazmine and her family came as well, along with a lot of less actives we are reaching too. Then Elida got confirmed and it was so great. Then we had dinner with la familia Rodriguez and they are so cute! They have 5 little girls and they are wiiiillllldddddd. But so cute. Then we went and visited a few people in he ward bc I'm leaving tomorrow to West Jordan. It's funny bc we all thought Ávalos would leave but she's still here! Crazy. 

Anyway I hope y'all have a great week! 

Con amor, 
Hermana anderson 

Elidas baptism 

Jumping pic with the district 

Mi mexicana 

image4.JPGDeportes fam 

image5.JPGWest side forever 

image6.JPGPday activity hahaha 

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