Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 15: lista para verano

Hey everyone! Hope y'all had a great week! It was another good one over here in West Jordan.

Monday was a pretty chill pday for the most part. We always play soccer with the other elders in our district/zone. More than half are latinos and latinos looovvveeee soccer haha. And then we went out to find this less active family who nobody knows and thinks they may have started going to a Catholic Church nearby. We found the daughter like 2 weeks ago and set up a time to come back and be with the whole family so we were hoping they were all there. We walked up and the parents and their friends were outside talking and so we went up to see if it was them and it was! They were soooo cool y'all. Just nice down to earth people. So we talked to them for a while about the Super Bowl and then that led into But then we started talking to them about church stuff and they were like yeah we're inactive and we wanna come back, and we're like y'all! You can do it! We can help you! And then they were like nahhh maybe another time. But we invited them to start reading the Book of Mormon as a family and they said we could come by another day that week. 

Tuesday we had interviews with president palmer. He's so amazing y'all, he's probably one of the wisest people  I've ever met. But then after our interviews we went to find this girl Liz we've been teaching. She's had a hard life and has 2 adorable little kids. We usually teach her out on the porch but she let us in this time which is huugggeee! She's been opening up to us a lot lately. But we taught her and her youngest son about the restoration, and she remembered everything from when the elders taught her a while ago! We were really surprised because sometimes it seems like she doesn't remember/know too much. But she knew a lot about Jospeh smith and the Book of Mormon, and we brought her an English BOM because she understands reading in English better. Were really pumped about Liz though, she has so much potential! Then later that night we had a lesson with Maritza! She's getting baptized on march 4th!! And her husband Abram is getting the preisthood so he can baptize her! Soooooo excited y'all! They already have plans to go do baptisms at the temple as a family after she gets baptized. They are so ready and it's so awesome to see them so happy. 

Wednesday it was sooooooo nice outside. Like I've missed the sun so much! We only had to bring light jackets! It was mostly just a bunch of finding though, which I wasn't bad about bc it was so nice out. 

Then Thursday, some elders in our zone texted us saying an awesome family from their ward was moving into our area! So we met up with them at their new house and helped them move a few things inside and talked to them for a while. They're really awesome! We're excited to have them in our ward. Then we went and found some more people and then had dinner with this awesome Chilean family. Then the wife came with us to a lesson with mirko and his daughter who are very inactive. The lesson was so Good! They came to church the last Sunday! They only stayed for sacrament, but still it was huge. Then we talked to them for a sec about how their reading and praying was good and they're good about praying but not reading. So we read a little bit in the scriptures with them and then invited them to start doing it together as a family! We gave his daughter a kids BOM so it would be easier for her. 

Friday we had district meeting and that's always good! My new district is soooo fun as well. So that makes it even better. An elder in our district gave an awesome training on charity! Then we had lunch and then headed out again. We met with maritza again and taught her about the priesthood and how important it really is! She's so excited to get baptized. Then we did some more finding and then met with Stephanie! She's slowly but surely progressing. Her sister and friend sat in with us, and last time we met with her, we talked about how she wanted to know more about Christs life. So this time we shared the parable of the Good Samaritan and how it's important to serve everyone, not just the people we like! So we invited them to think about ways they could serve people, and then the next time we came back we would talk about a service project we could do. 

Saturday honestly sucked a little. First when we were opening the garage door to leave, it had been warm and sunny all week, and then we looked outside and there was snow on the ground again! So dumb! Apparently it snowed again over night. But luckily it melted by the end of the day. We found Liz and invited her to church, and then like 3 other lessons we had set that day fell through. So we went and tried to find la familia Hernandez. The one who went to the temple and loved it, but didn't feel the need to pray about anything we were talking about. So we stopped by to see how they were bc after our last lesson when we read in 2 nefi 31, they said they'd call us when they "were free". Which obviously wasn't gonna happen. So the mom answered the door and said that she was soooo busy and she was cooking right then, and how her daughters always had plans so they couldn't find a time to meet with us again and how they were catholic and they would always be catholic. She said she loved our message and loved the Book of Mormon but she still wanted to be Catholic. She threw in a few more times that they were really busy and couldn't meet with us anytime soon but that she would call us if she needed anything. So we just bore our testimonies and told her how much we loved her and left it at that. We will probs go by again next week though lol. We aren't that easy to get rid of. Then right after that we went to this referrals house and he proceeded to open the door and yell at us. (Funny story tho, the night before we knocked on his door, and it looked like a car was about to pull into his driveway, but then it sped up really fast right as it was about to pull in. Then when we were down a couple houses we saw it pull into the driveway lol) anyway we asked if he's talked to missionaries or heard our message and he says that missionaries always come to his house but he's happy as he is and didn't want to change. So we told him of the peace and joy that comes through Jesus Christ and then he told his this story about how he lost his job that he had for 20 years and then he found an even better one, and we were like well we promise that if you give our message a chance you'll find so much more happiness, but he insisted that he was already happy. Then he told us why he didn't like members of the church. He said that some people he knew made their kids go to church, and then he worked with a really awkward RM who got married really fast. Lol this guy was hilarious, his arguments made no sense and you could Jusr tell he was mad at the world. So we just were like okay well we invite you to come closer to Christ in your own way this week by reading the Bible or praying or something, and then he was like no, I've never read the Bible and I'm never going to. And then slammed the door. Lol it was so interesting. Then we tried to find some more referrals but nobody was home.

Sunday pumped us up! We had a stake meeting about starting English and finance classes every week. The senior couple is going to be over it and they're starting on march 1! So excited! And then we had an awesome ward council meeting, which apparently they're never good. Then we went and tried to get Liz for church, and her mom let us in so we could wake her up but she was so dead asleep. We tried shaking her and yelling and tickling her feet but nothing worked! So she didn't come, but we had other people there. Then after church we went to rosas house for lunch! I love them sooo much. Her oldest son Alex got the preisthood so we set angelos baptism date for the 25th of feb! He's pumped and it's so cute. Then we went and found some more people then had dinner ( the lady made some awesome flan omg) and then we had an FHE with this less active family in the ward! We talked about the restoration and then at the end we had them draw out their favorite part. They got kinda competitive with their drawings and they were all really good! 

Everything is going great and the sun is starting to come out more and more! This week is supposed to be in the high 50's 🙏🏾🙏🏾 hope everyone has a great week! 

image1.JPGPretty sunset

image2.JPGAnother pretty sunset 

image3.JPGSelfies outside the church building 

I was happy to find some grass without snow finally 

image5.JPGFound scooby 

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