Thursday, June 29, 2017

Week 19: bicicletas y fiestas de cumpleaños

Heeeyyyy everyone! It's been another great week in the city of West Jordan! Transfers are coming up tomorrow but guess what?!? Both me and hermana warden are staying here in the oquirrh/oquirrh point stake! Wooooooo! That like never happens in this mission, it's rare to have the same companion for more than one transfer and if you do it's usually bc you need to learn to get along or something. But we get along so well and we have so much going on over here. So we're pumped for another 6 weeks together and with our awesome people! 

Anyway last Tuesday we had our usual with our girl Olga. We were talking about the 10 commandments and prophets and she grew up catholic so she knew all the 10 commandments from her first communion classes she took when she was little. So good. And I feel like she's been so prepared because she's so down with the idea of prophets and she's so excited to go to general conference! She also read a ton in the BOM, liKe 8 chapters. She's amazing y'all. Then, one family that hermana warden met like once last transfer had been going to church every Sunday but weren't members. We finally set up an appt to meet and get to know them and seriously they are on fire!!! They have 2 kids, one 12 and the other 6. And so we stared talking about the restoration and they knew a ton. They'd been taught by lots of other missionaries before and If you didn't know they weren't members you'd think they were! And then the 12 yr old daughter started asking these super deep good good questions and so we taught the whole plan of salvation out of all her questions haha. And then! The dad came home from work and we got talking to him and he told us his whole life story about how wherever h lived, he always lived super close to a church building. He loved how our church focused on the living Christ and not a dead one. He said when he went to Catholic Church he got scared bc they had s bloody picture of Jesus on the cross hanging up in the front. Lol. But he said ever since he's gone to church he's like it, but never committed because of fear/uneasiness or something. But he said he feels like it's a sign that he's lived so close all his life and he wants this for his family. And so when we said that we were like omggggggggt okay dude we gotcha! And they want their kids to go on missions and everything. Wow. They're so good. 

Wednesday we did some finding most of the day and then had our English classes that night. And they turned out so good again! The senior couple came and worked with the advanced class and warden and I took the beginners. These people are so pumped and willing to learn and practice English. I love it! And the best thing is, since I'm still learning Spanish, they usually help me with some words while I help them with some words too. Also! Another cool thing. Before I left on my mission I wanted to serve in Venezuela real bad. Idk why but I just did. but my mom told me that they don't send missionaries there. (I found out they do, they're just missionaries from inside Venezuela or countries surrounding. Def not America) but, there so many people here in Utah that are coming from venezuela because of what's going on in their country and about half of the people we are teaching in our English class are venezolanos! So cool! God really knows our hearts y'all. 

Thursday we tried our bikes out for the first time lol. That was rough. Our area is super hilly so we were both struggling haha. But we taught our girl Olga again and she's so good. We talked about prayer and asking specific questions if the things we were saying were true or if this church was what she needed. She grew up catholic and everything is pretty new to her so she feels like she doesn't know for a fact in her heart it's true or not. So she prayed at the end of the lesson and it was so good! The spirit was definitely real strong. She's definitely on her way. Then we biked over to some people we found when we were walking in the snow last week lol. They're not that interested but we talked about the restoration with them and they were cool about it. 

Friday we had district meeting and then headed out to do some finding. We found this lady who's less active and super sweet. None of her family really likes the church but she goes when she can bc she works on Sundays. Then we had dinner and they made us some awesome enchiladas verdes. Soooooooo good y'all. I've never eaten so good in my life! These people are awesome. 

Saturday we were super stressed about transfer calls, but we're both staying so we we're pumped! But the rest of our district is getting split up so we had one last district lunch together. And then we headed out to find a couple less actives who weren't home. But we got invited to this bday party/goodbye party bc they are going to Mexico for about a month. It was for this 12 year old girl were teaching. But this party was sooooo funny y'all. They had it all set up in their garage and there were tamales and ceviche and a bunch of good stuff. So we ate and talked and then they started karaoke hahaha. They did a bunch of Mexican banda songs and it was soooooo funny. Definitely a memory that I won't forget. Then we went to a relief society activity with some investigators as well. 

Sunday we had church and everyone was late bc of the time change lol. We got a new gospel principles teacher and he is BOMB! The lesson was on tithing but somehow he made it not boring and super spiritual which was perfect because we had a ton of people at church who needed that! Then after warden had to help with the ward choir, so she played and I just hopped in and sang too. Then we had dinner with our ward mission leader and wife and then met with the English sisters bc we might possibly be moving in with them. Then we had a meeting with the stake about our English classes! Our stake is so on top of it and I looovvveeeee it! They're so involved in missionary work and it's going so good. 

Well that's it, i hope everyone had a great week! God loves you! 

Signs of spring 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Saying goodbye to Olga bc we didn't know if we were leaving, but we're not thank goodness! 

This cute little house on this porch table we were sitting on 

District foreverrrrrrr