Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Hola Y'all

This week was awesome!! and cold. Spanish has been coming a long and thanksgiving was so good!!

So last tuesday, we had one of the members of the 70 come and speak. He spoke about not being afraid to say what you feel in your heart to your investigators even though it could be really crazy! If it scares you then its probably the spirit telling you to say something. I really loved a scripture that they shared, its 2 timothy 1:7. Look it up! 

Wednesday was super cold. We had a lesson with our investigator brian and it lasted a whooollllleee hour when it is normally supposed to be 30 minutes! woops. But it went so well! We explained what the atonement was and how it could bless his life and that through it we could let go of all of our sins and bad feelings and be forgiven! We asked him if he would be baptized and he said yes! We didnt set a date because he feels like he needs to learn more which is fine. But Brian is awesome seriously. Teaching him is always a good time because he helps us with our spanish and doesnt judge when when we mess up really bad. planning our lessons with him can be stressful sometimes but I actually really enjoy meeting with him because hes just such a down to earth person and really wants to become better! 

Thursday was thanksgiving!!! I loved it. Me and hermana budd sang in the MTC choir and sang come thou fount and it was probably the most beautiful uplifting thing ive ever heard. The lyrics are amazing. The line that says "heres my heart, oh take and seal it, seal it for thy courts above" really gets me so good. The whole song is about a guy who comes to know that Christ is our savior and feels completely indebted to him for the atonement. Which is completely true. Because of his atonement, we can be clean and be able to have eternal life with our families and our heavenly father. Our choir director told us about how in the old testament, after they had this big battle and they felt as though God helped them, they raised this big rock thing and called it Ebenezer. Basically it stood for their change and how they would never go back to their old sinful ways and always keep his commandments for them. Look up the rest of the lyrics and listen to the song. Its truly amazing! We heard Neil L andersen speak and he spoke about being thankful in all of our situations and for all of the things that come our way. even the bad things! Because even our trials and hard thigns that we go through are for our benefit and for the benefit of those we serve. God has literally given us everything we have and everything we see. The least we can do is give back to him for all of his love and charity that he gives us. It put my purpose as a missionary into perspective. 

Friday we had another lesson with brian! We didnt really teach much but we answered a couple of his questions and he felt like we knew all about him but he didnt really know much about us. So for our lesson after that he wanted us to tell him about our lives and how the gospel has impacted us. 

Saturday we were planning our lesson for relief society and it was going really bad. Me and hermana budd didnt really know what we wanted to say and were just feeling really frustrated and stressed about what we needed to say and stuff. So after our study/planning period in the morning we had a class with our teacher hermano hicks. He talked to us about how in the book of mormon, nephi and his brothers were commanded to go and get the brass plates from laban. It seemed like this super impossible task but they brainstormed and came up with a few ideas. First laman went and tried to talk to laban and just try and reason him out and get them that way. But that didnt work and he got chased out by his army. Then all of nephis brothers went and got all of their gold and silver and stuff together and tried to trade laban for the brass plates but that didnt work either. Afterwards Nephi was really frustrated. He decided to consult the Lord and ask what he should do and that Laban be delivered into his hands so that they could somehow get the brass plates like their father commadned him. Our teacher Hermano hicks told us that nephi failed. He was not perfect. He had 2 failed attempts to get the plates. We as people are not perfect and sometimes we dont get things and have to struggle in order to know what we have to do! 2 out of the 3 times Nephi didnt consult the lord about what he should do. The lord knows best in everything. The lords way is higher than our way and it is important that we include him in what we are teaching our investigators. We need to try and teach what he would have them understand. Later thats what i realized that me and hermana budd were doing wrong. When we were planning our relief society lesson we werent trying to teach what the lord would have the other hermanas learn. we were trying to teach what we wanted to and it wasnt working out. So later that night we sat down again and said a prayer that we would be able to feel in our hearts what God wanted those other hermanas learn and it went great! we cranked our lesson out and felt super good about it. After we gave it on sunday it went really well and I felt like i learned sooooo much and i was the one teaching! The lord knows yall!

Yesterday we had another lesson with Brian but this one was only 30 min. We introduced ourselves again and told him about our families and our lives. We told him that through the gospel of jesus christ and the plan of salvation that our families could live together forever and we could return to see heavenly father again after this life! we explained that some of the trials we went through in our lives really strengthened our testimonies and helped us understand that God is real and God is there. He wants the best for us in every situation and he wants us to also grow and learn. He loves us but he lets hard things happen to us so that we can rely on Jesus christ and his atonement. I love this gospel so much yall. It seriously brings more peace and joy than anything else in this world could. Have a great week!

Hermana Anderson

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Espiritu Gato

Hola yall!

This week was definitely a quick one. I swear the days are the longest days of my life and then I blink and its the next week arleady! This week was awesome and being a missionary is awesome. Im starting to be tired 24/7 but its the best kind of tired. My brain hurts so bad at the end of every day but Im learning so much that I cant wait to share with the people in Salt Lake.

Also I dont know if I explained it in the past emails but when one of the other Hermanas, Hermana Graff, was learning our Purpose in spanish she kept accidentally saying Espiritu Gato (Spirit Cat) instead of Espiritu Santo (Holy Spirit) lol. So everytime something unexpected happens we all blame it on the Espiritu Gato and tis the funniest thing ever. Yall probably dont think its that funny but it gets me every time hahaha. 

So last tuesday, we had a General Authority come to speak with us! Gary E. Stevenson of the 12 apostles. He is amazing omg. Since it is almost thanksgiving he spoke on the 4 missionary Thanksgivings. 1.)Thanksgivings for the change of heart wrought by the Gospel  2.)Thanksgiving for Christ and his Gospel  3.)Thanksgiving for the spirit  4.)Thanksgiving for the message of the Restored Gospel. These are so true! Ive been thinking about all of these things to be thankful for this week and how grateful others will be once they hear how awesome these blessings really are. Another thing I learned from him was that it is important to always extend a commitment after every lesson or message shared. Our purpose is to help bring others closer to Christ through the gospel. This gospel is a gospel of change, and without commitments to be better, to do something, or to look for things in our lives we cannot change!

On wednesday Im pretty sure I was the most tired Ive been in the whole 3 weeks ive been here. I dont know why though because I get a solid 7 hours of sleep every night! But anyways me and my comp and the rest of my roommates were really not feeling working out that morning. We normally go run or go to the weight room but on wednesday we decided to just chill and do some yoga. Definitely a good decision! We also had a lesson with our investigator Brian that we felt super unprepared for but it ended up going a lot better than we expected.

On Thursday omg it snowed for the first time and i am nooooottttt a fan of snow. Like not at all. Obviously ill be living here for the next 18 months so ill get used to it but after not feeling the cold for 2 years this is rough. I was borrowing a cardigan from  Hermana Graff on thursday and one elder thats going to my mission, Elder Ehlers has a bunch of cardigans too. so He wanted to try on the one that I was wearing of Hermana Graffs. His companion caught this super funny pic of Ehlers and Graff sitting next to eachother while hes wearing the cardigan and he captioned it "When he wears your jacket....<3" Hahaha it was so funny. And then the next morning when we were getting ready for our class, he tried on her cardigan again and the teacher in spanish said something and we thought she was saying "no cross dressing" but we looked it up and it meant no flirting. hahaha woops. But it was still funny. But on thursday we did an activity with one of the other districts where we write down on a sheet of paper some things that we need or are struggling with. And they didnt tell us but they swapped papers with the other district and then we had 20 minutes to prepare a lesson for them based on the things that they needed. So me and Hermana Budd taught these other hermanas from another district named Hermana Crepeau and Thruston. Me and Budd were really struggling with stuff to find for them to help them with what they needed. We knew we wanted to talk about Christ's atonement and how much he loves them but we didnt know exactly what we were going to say. But whenever we went we totally said exactly what they needed to hear and Hermana Thruston started crying. They taught us about being selfless and loving who we teach. Both of the lessons were on the same principle, love and charity, but had a different spin on it to fit each of us. It was really cool! The lesson was supposed to help with with revelation and teaching by the spirit. One funny thing was that Hermana Budd wrote on her sheet that she needed more pants. We didnt know what the list was for until after they gave it to the other district. So hermana crepeau shared a scripture (D&C 125:88) about how we should always be clothed with charity. Caridad es el mejor pantalones. hahahaha. 

On friday we taught Brian with another member. He had some really hard questions. He is kind of having a hard time dealing with his mom and his sisters illnesses and is wondering How God can be so good when he gives us hard things to deal with in life and were doing the best we can and keeping the commandments. We did our best to explain to him that our purpose on earth is to learn and gain experiences so that one day we can become like God! Life wont always be easy but it will make us so much better if we endure our trials well. 

On saturday we had our normal classes with Hermana Southard and Hermano Hicks, our teachers. I really liked one thing that Hermana Southard shared with us. She showed us a video clip from the movie "Facing the Giants". It showed one of the main football players talking about how bad they were proabbly going to lose against this other team because they were really good. So the coach called him up in front of everyone and blind folded him and made him do the death crawl with someone on his back. He was supposed to do his best and go as far as he could go. The player thought he was only able to go to the 20 yard line but the coach thought he could make it to the 50. So he was blindfolded and he started. Once he got going, he started moaning and excalaiming that it was really hard and he couldnt do it. But the coach was with him the whole time encouraging him and telling him to keep going. He made it all the way to the end zone. I thought this really applied to us in our lives. Often times life gets really hard and we think that we cant do hard things. But God wants us to do hard things. He wants us to do them and rely on the atonement of Jesus Christ for help and for comfort as we do these hard things. With him anything is possible! We can deathcrawl blindfolded and with someone on our back and as long as we try our best and rely on Christ we can get through it and become better than we were before. 

Sunday and monday were kinda ehh. Just normal days filled with church and class and lessons. 

I love yall! have a great week! Heres some pics. 
This was walking to the temple this morning. This pic doesnt even do it justice. THis mountain was so pretty it didnt even look real. 

​The elders taking a bro pic.

Messing around on our temple walk

Idk i just liked this pic

​Hermanas ft. the elders in the back

​a few of the elders


​Elder Ehlers with the cardigan and when Hermana Southard told him to stop flirting hahaha

​Me n Budd <3

Hermana Anderson

Monday, November 21, 2016


This week was fairly normal I guess if you could consider what im doing normal. Spanish is coming along i guess! Its still super hard but hopefully itll get better with time. I feel like ive been here in the MTC forever but its only been 2 weeks! crazy. but its great here! the food is a little rough on my stomach sometimes but i couldnt be happier. 

Wednesday we didnt do much. A bunch of studying and preparing to teach our investigator lessons. 

Thursday we had our first service assignment! it was cleaning the showers in the bathroom. normally i really hate doing that but this time it was way  more fun becuase you got to spray the showers with a hose and some weird soap stuff. me and hermana budd had a good time with it. We had our 5th lesson with Diana and it went way better than expected! I used google translate less than i did before and i feel like she really understood what we were saying. We taught her the plan of salvation and i drew the little picture chart on the board and she laughed at my drawings haha. But its okay becauase i think she really got it! Hermana Budd and I work really well together in lessons and while we study and just in general. i love her shes awesome. Were still really struggling with spanish and a lot of our district is too but its all good! hopefully we pick it up sooner rather than later haha. 

Friday was just a really funny day in general. There is one elder in my district named Elder Smith and hes just soooo funny. Hes  been sick all week and today he was like saying something in spanish and he lost his voice in the middle of the sentance! haha funniest thing ive ever heard. He sounded like mickey mouse for like the next day and a half and anytime he talked we all just busted out laughing. Ive really been missing music a lot lately! me and the other hermanas all listened to the same type of music back home so we definitely bonded over that. Also on friday we had a practice lesson with our spanish teacher hermano hicks. He showed us what a real lesson should look like and hermana graff played a fake investigator. It was amazing!! I really learned a lot from him. He asked so many questions that i never really thought to ask and said so many different things that made so much sense. I love being a missionary!! its so hard but its so fulfilling at the same time. Im really grateful for the mtc so that i can better myself and study so that when i get out into the field i can help other people know the happiness that I know. 

Saturday was just saturday. Im not really sure what to say about it other than it was kinda just a normal day and didnt really feel like a real saturday would back home.

Sunday was really good like sundays normally are! Church was good. There was a couple from argentina that served under one of our counselors when he was the Misison President somewhere down there. They got up and bore their testiomonies in spanish and it sounded really weird. I guess argentinians have a really weird kind of accent or something. I only undertsood about 3 words from each of them but it sounded like it came from the heart. Then after them the departing districts had a musical number and sang If you could hie to kolob and it was beautiful!! they did a really awesome job. Then later that night me and Budd went to choir practice. We decided to join the MTC choir! Im nor normally into that kind of stuff and i suck at singing but its really cool. The choir director is awesome and tells awesome stories. that night we practiced Joseph Smiths First Prayer and it sounds sooooooooooo good. Im so excited to sing it in tonights devotional. While we were pracctiicing it, he told us something that was really interesting. He said that when joseph recounted his first vision when he saw God the Father and Jesus christ, he told it differently to different people. Most people use that against him saying that because he did that he was lying and theres no way that he saw what he saw. But in reality its the opposite. When we tell lies we usually rehearse it in our heads a bunch of times before we tell it and make sure that we dont get it wrong. But since joseph really did see what he saw there was no way he could have recounted the story the same to everyone! To some he would tell more details because they would ask  more and to some he would just tell the basics of the story. 

Yesterday we had our first TRC lesson with another investigatior. It was rouuuuughhhhhh but still a good learning experience. It was different than teaching Diana. (she ended up being fake and becoming another one of our teachers haha wow). But yeah our spanish was rough and we have lots to work on. Learning spanish is really hard and so is learning how to teach with the spirit, but I know for a fact that God is looking out for us. Even though we go through tough times and have stuff that brings us down, God is there and wants us to turn to him and ask for help! He wont ever let us down. I love yall and hope everyone has a great week!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Hey everyone!! I made it here to the MTC and its pretty cool. A lot better than i expected it to be! Im so pumped to be here learning spanish and doing the Lord's work! 

So i arrived last Wednesday and that was probably the craziest day of my life. Youre running around all day and you have absolute zero time to feel homesick or basically anything else other than OMG. But it was great! My companion and district are soooooo awesome. We all get along so great. Waking up at 6:30 everyday has been a little of an adjustment and i go to bed every night SOOOOO tired but I know that its all worth it. 

Thursday was our first real day as missionaries. haha We hear some pretty funny things while walking around. The best thing ive heard so far was when we were walking to breakfast and we here this one elder say kind of loudly and obviously we heard it out of context but he said "Spicy is nicey!!!" haha so funny. And we started learning spanish on thursday too. Its SOOO HARD! I thought it was gonna be way easier than it actually is. We met our branch president too and he is seriously one of the coolest people ever. He gave us a ton of great advice about being missionaries and learing spanish.

Friday was a really hard day for me and my companion hermana budd. They give us a lot of free study time in the beginning and we dont really know what to do with all of it. Also spanish proved to be really hard on friday too so we were both just kinda down. But we taught our first investigator on friday! It wasnt as bad as i thought it was going to be. In our broken spanish we did our best to explain to her that God is our loving Heavenly Father and loves us soooo much. He sent Jesus to this earth so that he could fulfill the atonement and we could be saved from our sins and return to live with him again like we did before but with bodies and 100x better.I think She understood most of it but it was really rough haha. But after our lesson we went outside and were studying and i was just really annoyed with a lot of things going on but especially annoyed that we didnt have a teacher there most of the time to help us with spanish and we were kinda just left to figure out what to do for ourselves. So i was sitting outside and it was freezing (like maybe 60 degrees lol) and i was really annoyed with everything. So i said a prayer that I could learn spanish quickly and that our teacher could please come and teach us some stuff because I was sick of not knowing spanish. And i kid you not 2 minutes later our teacher walked up and said that we had class right now!! God is real yall and he cares so much. 

Saturday was fairly good. We studied a whole bunch and planned out another lesson for our investigator. I dont really know what else to say for saturday other than that. 

Sunday was interesting! It was definitely not a typical sunday but it was good none the less. I think the highlight of sunday was this movie that we watched that night as a district. It was actually a talk that Elder Bednar gave a few years ago called Characters of Christ. Let me tell yall that was probably the most amazing thing ever. I was struggling to stay awake during some of it because our days are so busy and we wake up really early. But what I got out of it was that as missionaries our purpose is to help others Come unto Christ. And to do that we need to develop the characters of christ, as hard as that may be, so that we can help people in the most selfless way possible. We should always be kind and grateful for our circumstances because we never know what others are going through and how quickly our lives could change in an instant. Christ was always looking outward when things were going wrong for him. He healed the sick and went out of his way to make sure others knew that they were loved. As hard as it is, we should always try to put others first! 

Yesterday was good. I guess kind of a normal day. We taught our investigator a lesson and we studied a bunch of spanish. When we had class last night i really liked this one activity that we did. We had to figure out in spanish how to share our favorite scripture with someone and explain it to where they can understand it. I shared Alma 26:11-12. Its sooooo great everyone look it up please. It talks about how we as people do a lot of great things and help a lot of people out but none of it is because of us. It is because of God that we can do all things and it is because of God that we are able to help bring other people unto christ. This scripture is definitely one im going to be living by for the next 18 months. This life is amazing!! Thank our Heavenly Father for all things because through Jesus Christ, we are able to have eternal life and that is the greatest thing ever. I love yall so much and hope everyone has a great week!