Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Hey everyone!! I made it here to the MTC and its pretty cool. A lot better than i expected it to be! Im so pumped to be here learning spanish and doing the Lord's work! 

So i arrived last Wednesday and that was probably the craziest day of my life. Youre running around all day and you have absolute zero time to feel homesick or basically anything else other than OMG. But it was great! My companion and district are soooooo awesome. We all get along so great. Waking up at 6:30 everyday has been a little of an adjustment and i go to bed every night SOOOOO tired but I know that its all worth it. 

Thursday was our first real day as missionaries. haha We hear some pretty funny things while walking around. The best thing ive heard so far was when we were walking to breakfast and we here this one elder say kind of loudly and obviously we heard it out of context but he said "Spicy is nicey!!!" haha so funny. And we started learning spanish on thursday too. Its SOOO HARD! I thought it was gonna be way easier than it actually is. We met our branch president too and he is seriously one of the coolest people ever. He gave us a ton of great advice about being missionaries and learing spanish.

Friday was a really hard day for me and my companion hermana budd. They give us a lot of free study time in the beginning and we dont really know what to do with all of it. Also spanish proved to be really hard on friday too so we were both just kinda down. But we taught our first investigator on friday! It wasnt as bad as i thought it was going to be. In our broken spanish we did our best to explain to her that God is our loving Heavenly Father and loves us soooo much. He sent Jesus to this earth so that he could fulfill the atonement and we could be saved from our sins and return to live with him again like we did before but with bodies and 100x better.I think She understood most of it but it was really rough haha. But after our lesson we went outside and were studying and i was just really annoyed with a lot of things going on but especially annoyed that we didnt have a teacher there most of the time to help us with spanish and we were kinda just left to figure out what to do for ourselves. So i was sitting outside and it was freezing (like maybe 60 degrees lol) and i was really annoyed with everything. So i said a prayer that I could learn spanish quickly and that our teacher could please come and teach us some stuff because I was sick of not knowing spanish. And i kid you not 2 minutes later our teacher walked up and said that we had class right now!! God is real yall and he cares so much. 

Saturday was fairly good. We studied a whole bunch and planned out another lesson for our investigator. I dont really know what else to say for saturday other than that. 

Sunday was interesting! It was definitely not a typical sunday but it was good none the less. I think the highlight of sunday was this movie that we watched that night as a district. It was actually a talk that Elder Bednar gave a few years ago called Characters of Christ. Let me tell yall that was probably the most amazing thing ever. I was struggling to stay awake during some of it because our days are so busy and we wake up really early. But what I got out of it was that as missionaries our purpose is to help others Come unto Christ. And to do that we need to develop the characters of christ, as hard as that may be, so that we can help people in the most selfless way possible. We should always be kind and grateful for our circumstances because we never know what others are going through and how quickly our lives could change in an instant. Christ was always looking outward when things were going wrong for him. He healed the sick and went out of his way to make sure others knew that they were loved. As hard as it is, we should always try to put others first! 

Yesterday was good. I guess kind of a normal day. We taught our investigator a lesson and we studied a bunch of spanish. When we had class last night i really liked this one activity that we did. We had to figure out in spanish how to share our favorite scripture with someone and explain it to where they can understand it. I shared Alma 26:11-12. Its sooooo great everyone look it up please. It talks about how we as people do a lot of great things and help a lot of people out but none of it is because of us. It is because of God that we can do all things and it is because of God that we are able to help bring other people unto christ. This scripture is definitely one im going to be living by for the next 18 months. This life is amazing!! Thank our Heavenly Father for all things because through Jesus Christ, we are able to have eternal life and that is the greatest thing ever. I love yall so much and hope everyone has a great week!

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