Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 18- maritzas baptism and horizontal snow

Hola todos! Espero que todo está bien! I've been out on a mission for 4 months now! Soooooo crazy. It's totally flown by.
 This week has been super crazy and lots happened so I'm just gonna update y'all on the real good stuff. On Tuesday and Thursday we've been teaching our investigator Olga and seriously she is so good. 
Tuesday we had exchanges with the STLs and I got to go with my old comp hermana Ávalos for a day and show her around 
our area! She's gets me so well and I love her so much. We went to go teach Olga and she hadn't been reading every night 
but she prays a ton! So we talked about the importance of reading, praying, and attending church and how they contribute to our testimony. 
She was so excited to finally be able to try out church this Sunday as well. Then on Wednesday we had our first English 
class!! We were sooooooooo nervous y'all. Like so nervous. In the beginning we weren't supposed to be teaching
 the class, it was going to be the senior missionaries. Then they called us like a day before and said that they had something 
come up so we needed to teach it. So we kinda were just gonna get there and improvise because we both didn't have any
 kind of teaching background except for missionary stuff. AND GUESS WHAT! There was like 40 people there! and half 
were non members! So we kinda just went over introductory stuff then we still had 30 min left in the class. 
We had the people decide whether they were advanced or basic. Then I went with the basic people and hermana warden 
went with advanced. I went over how to introduce yourself and say what you like to do. Then right after we switched over 
to the alphabet and sounding out the letters. All the people there were so fun and so cool! It was such a relief to be done with
 the first class but seriously I've never been so pumped up. We were stressing hardcore and it turned out so good! 
Then Thursday we had another lesson with Olga and went over to maritzas house. We brought up general conference 
with Olga and she said that she'd really love to go! So ya girls are goin up to salt lake next month to see the prophet speak! 
Woooo! And with maritza we went to her house like every night for dinner from Thursday-Sunday haha. We couldn't 
pass our meal calendar around on last Sunday bc it was stake conference. I love her so much! And on Saturday she got
 baptized by her awesome husband abram! I'm so excited for their family. The baptism was so good and the spirit was so 
strong there. I just know their family is going to be so strong and happy In the gospel. And what's also awesome is that 
they're going to be called as ward missionaries! So they'll be able to come out with us all the time and help our other 
investigators! Also, Olga came to church on Sunday too! She loved it. In relief society they talked about the pioneers
 and she felt really touched by their story and sacrifice. So we're meeting with her again on Tuesday and we will see where it
 goes! Haha also, yesterday the weather was crazy and actually kind of terrible. It was so windy! Hermana warden lived
 in Houston for a little bit and she said it felt like the winds before a hurricane came 😳 and so it was super windy and 
was super hard to walk. So there were quite a few people who stopped to give us rides. Also, we didn't have any 
appointments set last night and were just trying to find referrals (none of which were home). So even more terrible, it
 started snowing! With the hurricane winds! So we didn't have like any coats or anything, just a light jacket bc it was like
 50 earlier that Day. So we went home and changed and then headed out again and it was like so hard. Soooo hard. 
The snow was slapping us in the face and coming down really hard. So we were walking and then got to a 4 way stop 
and nicely Enough some people pulled over and gave us a ride! We were so thankful bc it was really hard to be walking
 in that weather. Tender mercies right there! If y'all ever think God doesn't know your situation I promise he does! I was
 praying so hard that we could get through that snow bc it was really bad. And the lord sure did help us! 
Well that's it for this week. Love y'all hope everyone has a great week!Hermana anderson 

image1.JPGNice little sunset

Zone conference earlier this week! 

Exchanges with Ávalos 

Maritzas baptism ❤❤


Walking last night lol. 

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Not sure if y'all could see this pic. 

Here's walking from last night lol. 


Also here's doing the last week of training in the bathroom as we filled the baptismal font