Monday, November 21, 2016


This week was fairly normal I guess if you could consider what im doing normal. Spanish is coming along i guess! Its still super hard but hopefully itll get better with time. I feel like ive been here in the MTC forever but its only been 2 weeks! crazy. but its great here! the food is a little rough on my stomach sometimes but i couldnt be happier. 

Wednesday we didnt do much. A bunch of studying and preparing to teach our investigator lessons. 

Thursday we had our first service assignment! it was cleaning the showers in the bathroom. normally i really hate doing that but this time it was way  more fun becuase you got to spray the showers with a hose and some weird soap stuff. me and hermana budd had a good time with it. We had our 5th lesson with Diana and it went way better than expected! I used google translate less than i did before and i feel like she really understood what we were saying. We taught her the plan of salvation and i drew the little picture chart on the board and she laughed at my drawings haha. But its okay becauase i think she really got it! Hermana Budd and I work really well together in lessons and while we study and just in general. i love her shes awesome. Were still really struggling with spanish and a lot of our district is too but its all good! hopefully we pick it up sooner rather than later haha. 

Friday was just a really funny day in general. There is one elder in my district named Elder Smith and hes just soooo funny. Hes  been sick all week and today he was like saying something in spanish and he lost his voice in the middle of the sentance! haha funniest thing ive ever heard. He sounded like mickey mouse for like the next day and a half and anytime he talked we all just busted out laughing. Ive really been missing music a lot lately! me and the other hermanas all listened to the same type of music back home so we definitely bonded over that. Also on friday we had a practice lesson with our spanish teacher hermano hicks. He showed us what a real lesson should look like and hermana graff played a fake investigator. It was amazing!! I really learned a lot from him. He asked so many questions that i never really thought to ask and said so many different things that made so much sense. I love being a missionary!! its so hard but its so fulfilling at the same time. Im really grateful for the mtc so that i can better myself and study so that when i get out into the field i can help other people know the happiness that I know. 

Saturday was just saturday. Im not really sure what to say about it other than it was kinda just a normal day and didnt really feel like a real saturday would back home.

Sunday was really good like sundays normally are! Church was good. There was a couple from argentina that served under one of our counselors when he was the Misison President somewhere down there. They got up and bore their testiomonies in spanish and it sounded really weird. I guess argentinians have a really weird kind of accent or something. I only undertsood about 3 words from each of them but it sounded like it came from the heart. Then after them the departing districts had a musical number and sang If you could hie to kolob and it was beautiful!! they did a really awesome job. Then later that night me and Budd went to choir practice. We decided to join the MTC choir! Im nor normally into that kind of stuff and i suck at singing but its really cool. The choir director is awesome and tells awesome stories. that night we practiced Joseph Smiths First Prayer and it sounds sooooooooooo good. Im so excited to sing it in tonights devotional. While we were pracctiicing it, he told us something that was really interesting. He said that when joseph recounted his first vision when he saw God the Father and Jesus christ, he told it differently to different people. Most people use that against him saying that because he did that he was lying and theres no way that he saw what he saw. But in reality its the opposite. When we tell lies we usually rehearse it in our heads a bunch of times before we tell it and make sure that we dont get it wrong. But since joseph really did see what he saw there was no way he could have recounted the story the same to everyone! To some he would tell more details because they would ask  more and to some he would just tell the basics of the story. 

Yesterday we had our first TRC lesson with another investigatior. It was rouuuuughhhhhh but still a good learning experience. It was different than teaching Diana. (she ended up being fake and becoming another one of our teachers haha wow). But yeah our spanish was rough and we have lots to work on. Learning spanish is really hard and so is learning how to teach with the spirit, but I know for a fact that God is looking out for us. Even though we go through tough times and have stuff that brings us down, God is there and wants us to turn to him and ask for help! He wont ever let us down. I love yall and hope everyone has a great week!

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