Monday, July 17, 2017

Week 21: when the rains come down and the floods come up

Heeeeyyyyy errbody! I guess last weeks email had some trouble getting
out. Not sure what's up. But if it keeps doing that I'll just have
y'all read the blog that my sister puts my weekly emails on. That
could be a lot easier.

But anyway! We moved last week to the house that the English sisters
live in! The basement is super big and there's a ton of room for us
and we're pumped. So on Thursday it started to rain a bunch. And by a
bunch, I just mean a steady rain fall for most of the day. So we're on
our couch studying and then I stand up and see that the floor is
completely wet! We look around and the water is coming through one of
our window wells that's under the deck outside. And the window well
has like a foot and a half of water filled up in it. So we scrambled
and went outside to see what the problem was and the water from one of
the gutters runs right down where our window is. Anyway long story
short me and warden got under the deck in the mud and started scooping
out water from the window well with buckets and then we had to
engineer a pipe thing to steer the water away from our window. We
worked on that until we left for dinner that day. It was insane.  If I
ever said any other week was crazy, I was lying bc this week was
actually really crazy! A bunch of other stuff happened too but I'm
just gonna keep this short. We also had the last minute opportunity to
go to women's conference at the conference center! The English sisters
called about an hour before we had to leave and said they had 4 extra
tickets if we and some other people wanted to go! And soooo YES OF
COURSE WE DID! We called like every investigator and less active that
we could think of but everyone was busy since it was so last minute.
So we found a young women and her sister in the ward and they went
with us! It was soooooo so so so good. Ive been focusing lots on
humility this week and trying to find the things I need to work on so
that I can be a better missionary and help those people come closer to
Christ! So I loved eyerings talk. One thing that he said that I loved
is that those who do not see their weaknesses cannot progress. Which
is so true. If we don't know what we need to work on, we're just going
to be stationary and not move forward and change to the person God
wants us to become. God will show us our weaknesses but in order to
really become the best servants possible, we have to be willing to
work on those weaknesses enough so that they aren't weaknesses
anymore. None of us are perfect, but through Christ and his wonderful
healing power we really can be made clean and whole.

I'm so grateful for another week as a missionary! Even though this
week was super crazy and kinda hectic I wouldn't wanna be anywhere
else. Love y'all! Have a great week!

Hermana anderson

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