Thursday, July 27, 2017

Week 26: ya girls are staying together! Woooo!

This week has been fantastic. Seriously. I just wrote out all the good
stuff that happened and then it deleted so this is gonna be short
haha. BUT warden and I are staying together for a 3rd transfer out
here in West Jordan! And that like never happens in this mission so we
are really pumped. We feel like the people that we are teaching out
here need both of us, not just one of us and someone else. We've built
up a lot of trust with the members and our investigators and so we are
hoping to make some cool stuff happen this transfer.

Anyway we had a lesson with natalie this past week and she's SO GOOD!
So they had been taking lessons from the missionaries before and her
and her husband got married so that she could get baptized. They loved
going to church but some stuff happened and they moved so they stopped
going. But one day some crazy cool miracle stuff happened to her and
she got online and requested missionaries on her own! Then a
missionary from the st. George visitors center kept in contact with
her and with us to make sure we finally got to meet her. And we did
and it was so good! She's been so prepared and she really wants to get
baptized. We went over the restoration with them and invited them to
start coming to church and to be baptized! We set them in date for may
20th and she's so excited. We met with her again on Saturday and her
husband David got a promotion and so he would be commuting back and
forth from Milwaukee. So that's kinda tough for her. But she and her
kids came to church on Sunday and they loved it! She's sooo cute.
We're so happy that we get to teach her!

Also our ward mission leader had a great idea last fast Sunday for the
ward council, ward missionaries, and us to fast for all of our
investigators! So we did and seriously fasting is amazing. We had a
lesson with this One less active man and his daughter that we've been
teaching for a while. He's not too down for his daughter to get
baptized bc he wants her to read and study more about the church. But
he already has a really strong testimony of fasting from whenever he
was younger and a recent convert in the church. So before the fast we
told him we were going to do it and invited him to fast with us! And
he did! When we went back and met with them he was completely
different. His daughter really likes it when we come and we went over
the restoration with them again. We invited her to be baptized at the
end and for him to prepare to baptize her and they said they would! We
set them on date for may 27th. We're pumped for them!

Anyway this week was awesome. Recuérdense leer las escrituras y orar
cada noche! Dios se ama mucho!

Con amor, hermana anderson.

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