Monday, July 17, 2017

Week 24: Feliz dia de pascua! (belated)

Hola familiares, amigos, y vecinos! This week was another amazing week
packed full of miracles. I feel like my testimony of the power of
prayer is growing SO much and I love it! There was also some other
cool stuff that happened too. Earlier last week we had a mission tour
where elder Christensen of the presidency of the quorum of the 70 came
to talk to us! (Mission tour is basically zone conference but for the
whole mission) and it was so good! He and his wife focused a ton on
the atonement and how we can apply it in every single thing that we do
in our lives. It was such a good meeting and it pumped us all up to go
spread the gospel haha. Also something somewhat funny that happened
this week. We were walking to our dinner appointment on Thursday and
there was this guy out in his yard. He like basically ran up to us and
started talking to us. Seconds into the conversation we realize he's
super anti and he's trynna pick a fight. His whole argument was that
we didn't believe in the same Jesus as everyone else. Like dude yes I
promise, it's Holy Week up in here and we're celebrating the same
Jesus that suffered, died, and lived again. But he wouldn't believe us
and at one point he pointed at a tree that was beside us and was like
"okay so if I told you this tree was Jesus would you believe me?" And
my comp is super witty so she was like "well he appeared to Moses in a
burning bush so it's honestly a possibility" 😂😂 haha the whole thing
was dumb and we just walked away while he followed/yelled up the
street at us.

But now for the good stuff. We've been praying all week that we could
find this one referral that we got from the st. George visitors center
that says it's a young family and they wanna get baptized. We've been
in contact with her over the phone and text but we've never actually
met her bc of her schedule bc she's super busy and has 2 young kids.
They live in the basement of a house with no separate entrance to the
basement so we always have to knock on the regular front door to the
house. And they're never home or the kids that live upstairs answer.
And we tried on Tuesday and one kid answered the door and told us what
her car looks like and that they usually leave at 8 in the morning. So
we were like ok. We're gonna try it at 8am. So all that week in our
prayers we told Heavenly Father that we were gonna go try to find them
on Friday morning at 8 and that she could be there and that we could
make an appointment with them. On Friday morning we went over there
and her car was in the driveway that the kid described! And so we
called her and texted her to ask her to come outside so we could meet
her but she didn't answer. And we didn't really wanna knock on the
front door and wake everyone else up. So we decided to say a prayer
that she would come outside. And not even a minute later she opens the
back gate and comes out to her car!!!!!! Seriously such an immediate
answer to prayer! She was so cute and so nice (her name is natalie)
and she was really excited to finally meet us. And we have an
appointment set up to meet with them tonight! So we're pumped about
it. We were also able to have a lesson with these people that we've
been praying that they would contact us bc every time we try they are
busy or some other excuse. But on Saturday we both had the impression
that we should try their house one more time, and they were home!
They've been coming to church every sunday forever but we've never
been able to figure out why they haven't gotten baptized or anything.
The lesson was kinda weird, but we figured out why and now we know how
to help them! We were also praying that we could know what we need to
do to help their family come closer to Jesus Christ. And that prayer
sure was answered haha.

Anyways, yesterday was SO GOOD. Sacrament meeting was perfect for our
investigators and our gospel principles teacher is absolutely amazing.
Then after church we went to Maritza y Abrahams house and they had
this cook out but with a ton of Mexican food and it was amazing. I
tried cactus for the first time and it was actually pretty good! Kinda
like okra but a little different. Easter isn't the big holiday for
latinos but seriously these guys know how to do holiday food. It was
the best. And then We helped them set up an Easter egg hunt for the
kids and it was so funny to watch haha. It was such a good day! Later
that evening after we ate and talked with them for a while we tried to
go find some people but that didn't work out so well bc nobody's home
or they are but they're just busy. But it was a great Easter none the

Anyway I hope everyone had a great easter! Remember there's always
someone there for you that knows exactly how you feel and more.

Con amor,
Hermana anderson

Abraham y maritza y Cecil! And mateo in the front haha

gettin weird with the selfies

Right after our miracle on Friday morning!

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