Monday, July 17, 2017

Week 22: Milagros y conferencia general

Hola familia, amigos, y vecinos! This week was soooooo good and full
of some awesome miracles as well as general conference!

Hermana warden and I had the great opportunity to go to 2 sessions of
general conference this weekend! We were only planning on going to one
with our investigator Olga. But on Friday afternoon, we had a lesson
with another one of our investigators Stephanie. I don't remember how
much I've talked about her or if I have, but she's 20 and she moved
here from El Salvador about 1.5 years ago and has been being taught by
missionaries ever since. Her sister and mom and dad are members but
she isn't. During lessons in the beginning when I first got here, she
wouldn't let us read anything, watch any bible videos or even pray.
But we've been working with her and building our relationship with her
and the lessons have been so good recently! She's told us her hopes
and dreams for her life, she's admitted to praying on her own (on
accident I think lol) and we've caught her actually reading the
principios del evangelio Book during class. Anyway, this past Friday
we had a lesson with her like we normally do and the time before, we
brought up maybe watching the restoration video. She was hesitant but
said that would be okay. So on Friday we did! But the DVD we had
(which we didn't know at first) was super scratched and kinda old. So
it started skipping while we were watching it, and then someone
downstairs started vacuuming. So it was really annoying and it was
hard for everyone to concentrate. So while that was all happening
warden and I were praying in our minds so hard that the technology
would work and that we could feel the spirit. Then during the first
vision part right when it started to say "vi una columna de luz.." it
stopped skipping and the vacuuming immediately stopped. SO COOL MAN.
and the spirit was sooooo strong. So after the video we went and sat
down with her where we normally do and talked and she said she really
liked it and that it was so beautiful. And we kept talking about the
Book of Mormon and baptism and she said she would be baptized! She
wouldn't accept any specific day, but it was huge! So after we left we
had this strong feeling that she needed to go to conference. Keep in
mind this is Friday night around 8pm, and she couldn't go to any
Sunday sessions bc their family was getting together and watching it.
So we called and texted everyone they we knew that might have some and
nobody did. So we got home that night and the English sisters invited
us to go play volleyball with them and their district at the building
right by our house the next morning at 6am. I didn't really want to bc
that was really early and sleep is special. Warden doesn't even like
volleyball but she was down with it, and I was kinda hesitant but I
said yes too. So we prayed that night before bed that we would find
some tickets for us to go to the Saturday afternoon session. The next
morning we woke up early and I was super not down to go. I almost told
them that we weren't gonna go but I didn't for some reason. And then
we got there and the other sisters in their district had 3 extra
tickets! So cool! And so we went to conference and she liked it a lot.
We feel like she got a lot out of it.

Then we also went to conference with our girl Olga on Sunday morning.
She loved it! And we loved it too. It was so amazing to hear the
prophet speak. I thought it was so interesting what he talked about
too. Because he's super old and can't stand up for that long, he used
3 minutes to speak about something that wouldn't be sugar coated or
mixed with a ton of other stuff too. He chose to speak on the
importance of the Book of Mormon in our lives! So good.

Anyway there was some other cool stuff that happened this week but I
thought that was the coolest thing. Hope y'all have a great week! God
loves you!

Hermana anderson

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