Thursday, July 27, 2017

Week 27: snow and rain and hail and sun and almost peed our pants

Hola todos! This week like almost all of our lessons cancelled. Not
sure why. And also Friday we experienced every single type of weather
in one day. It was ACTUALLY INSANE. we were struggling a little bit
but it made for a good memory haha.

But on Sunday we were doing some contacting and warden and I were
having a good ol time like normal. We know eachother a little too well
hahaha. But we were walking away from this one house and warden did
something really funny and I almost peed my pants laughing so hard.
It's gonna be weird to not be her comp anymore. And we were like
running from different houses that we knew trying to find somewhere to
use the bathroom and we got into this less actives house that we'd
been trying to get in contact with 5ever. It was the guys birthday and
they had some BOMB tres leches cake. His brothers very active family
was there so we were talking about our missions together and sharing
some cool experiences.

But now let me get to the good stuff. I haven't talked about Olga for
a while bc she was out of town. But she's back now and she didn't
really wanna get baptized for a while. She felt like she didn't know
too much and she wanted to keep reading the Book of Mormon and going
to church and learning. So on Tuesday we left her with the challenge
to pray about a date to get baptized. To really ask god when the best
time to get baptized would be. She was thinking sometime in July and
that's way far out. She has a really strong testimony of prayer so she
was super down for it. So we came back Thursday like normal and she
didn't have a date. She said she really didn't know when she needed to
get baptized. So we read the baptismal questions with her and
reassured her that she knew everything that she needed to know. She
answered the questions perfectly. Like honestly probably better than a
member of their whole life would answer them. She has so much faith
and she is so prepared for this. So we present the date of may 13th
and she was like okay! That's perfect! A couple weeks ago when we
first got her on date, she wanted all of her kids to come from Mexico
and California to see her get baptized and she wanted to wait for
them. And now she's so ready that she's just gonna do it without them
and see them whenever they come over the summer. Olga is so gooood
though omg. During the closing prayer she said that she was so
thankful for this day and she would always remember it because it was
the day she decided to get baptized. ❤❤❤️ she's so cute. We're
pumped for her.

But yeah that's it y'all. OMG NO WAIT IM GONNA BE OUT FOR 6 MONTHS
TOMORROW. Crazy!!! It's seriously flown by so fast, but it's been so
great. I wouldn't trade these past 6 months for anything and I'm
pumped for what the next year has in store.

Have a great week! Here's some pics.

Hna anderson

Mi entrenadora went home. RIP hna Avalos

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